Marquinn ShopMar-Quinn Industries is an engineering, design and fabrication company that manufactures Oil and Gas Process Equipment. With over 35 years experience, Mar-Quinn Industries provides products and services meeting the complex technical requirements of our customers.

Mar-Quinn’s reputation has grown quickly, making us one of the leading manufacturers of Oil and Gas Processing Equipment in Alberta, Canada. We employ and contract over 35 highly skilled and trained workers including tradespersons and professionals. Companies all over the world continue to trust and stand by our products.

• Mar-Quinn Industries Ltd. manufactures welded pressure vessels (including miniature vessels), pressure piping process systems, structural assemblies and related equipment to be used in the Gas and Oil industry. Mar-Quinn Industries Ltd. has implemented and is maintaining this Quality Policy in order to achieve the strategic directions of compliance, sustainability and customer satisfaction. through all phases of manufacturing.

• The Mar-Quinn Industries Ltd. quality management system is developed to structure a quality system which will provide a framework for resources and functionality in pursuit of setting and achieving quality objectives to attain compliance, sustainability, customer satisfaction and customer product safety.

• Management at Mar-Quinn Industries Ltd. is committed to implement and maintain the quality management system of documents in order to stay current with ISO 9001:2015 and all applicable codes, standards and specifications.

• Management at Mar-Quinn Industries Ltd. is committed to continuous improvement of the quality management system with the mission / goal of Total Customer satisfaction.

Our name is synonymous with compliance, quality, durability, and reliability


Since 1978, Mar-Quinn Industries has manufactured and supplied Oil and Gas Process equipment. As an ASME certified shop we design and fabricate ASME compliant pressure vessels including:

  • Two, three, and four phase group and test separator packages
  • Production tanks
  • Scrubbers
  • Desand units
  • Flare knockout drums (FKO’s)
  • In-direct line heaters
  • Filter vessels
  • Pig launchers/receivers
  • Steam condensate recovery skids
  • Wet and dry metering packages
  • Y-laterals
  • Compressor facilities
  • Water injection packages
  • Dehydration facilities
  • Glycol contactors
  • Blowcase packages

Many of the quality products that we supply to our customers are turnkey ready. All manufactured pressure vessels and process piping is thoroughly inspected and tested to comply with the applicable codes of construction.

Engineering and Design

Mar-Quinn Industries is staffed with professional engineers and an experienced design and drafting team. Combining this expertise and the latest in design software enables Mar-Quinn Industries to consistently produce drawings that exceed the expectations of our clients.

“Totally committed to satisfying our customers by our strict adherence to the highest quality standards.”
Daryl Martin, President