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1 MMBTUH Sour Line Heater:

**NOTE (1-2 weeks for instrumentation)**


  • 3” 2500# ANSI RTJ Preheat Coil
  • 3” 600# ANSI RF Reheat Coil
  • 48” O.D. x 12’ heater bath
  • 16” NPS Flare Stack, Hinged with Saddles for Transport
  • 16” NPS Fire Tube
  • 20’ x 6.5’ Structural Steel Skid
  • 20” x 40” Expansion Tank (10% Expansion)
  • 1.5” rigid fiberglass Insulation with embossed aluminum cladding
  • Exposed metal painted Warm Grey
  • Hinged stack Painted High Heat Black
  • Integral 1” NPS Fuel Gas Preheat Coil Installed
  • Unit Registered in British Columbia, Alberta and Saskatchewan, and can be registered in any province.

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